Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Poulin Lecto

What does it do?
The Poulin Lecto VST is a free amp sim vst mainly used for high gain guitars.  Many note that the amp sim highly resembles Mesa heads.  Lecto has 2 channels with 3 modes each.  
(NOTE: This amp sim vst must be used with impulses and preferably a tubescreamer vst)

-Ease of use (Many find it difficult to start recording line in with amp sim vsts.  They find the setup to be difficult and do not understand how to set it up in their daw.  Once this head is set up, it works miracles!)
-Sound Quality (If somebody listened to a recording from Lecto, they would not know that it is an amp sim that they are hearing.  Very realistic!

-Ease of setup (as mentioned above, this is with all amp sim vsts.  However, once you have one figured out, you pretty much have it down.)

Where to Download?

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